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The following dates and events are projections and subject to change. It is advisable to check with the organizers nearer the date.

Any saved or printed copy of this page may be outdated, so always check for the latest version of this page online!

Events in 2018

Events in 2019 (subject to changes):

26-27 - SA Millennium Cup, NTU Hall 3 (info)

3 - JGCC mini (register)

16 - *SA AGM, Jurong Green CC (notice)
16-17 - JGCC Scrabble Open (info)

16 - JGCC mini

3 - *Jurong Green CC Schools Scrabble Championship 2019
11 - JGCC mini

15-20 - *WESPA Championship, Goa, India (link) (criteria) (QR)

15 - JGCC mini

* Not an SA-rated event. Events listed without * may or may not be SA-rated.
** Public holiday in Singapore
? The dates shown are estimates and they have not been confirmed with the organizers.

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