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WYSC 2014 Scrabble Benefit Tournament

Dates for 2013: 16 Nov, 14 Dec
Dates for 2014: 25 Jan, 22 Feb, 15 Mar, 5 Apr, 10 May, 31 May, 12 Jul, 16 Aug, 13 Sep [rescheduled from 6 Sep]
Time: 9.00am-5.30pm
Venue: *SCAPE Level 3, The Colony (aka Hubquarters)
Registration Fees (GST inclusive): $15 for non-members
$10 for SA members
$5 for youths (under 18 at time of participation)

Get your friends to join too! Register 5 names and pay the price of 4. Available for per tournament registration only. Open to participants from a COMMON organization. Eg. School, Company.

Prizes: Gain/Lose rating points :) No monetary prizes.

This tournament is open to all players, including youths. The beneficiaries of this tournament will be the WYSC players who are representing Singapore in the World Youth Scrabble Championship 2014.

All registrations will go through wyscteamsg at

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