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WYC 2019 Qualification Criteria

The 14th WESPA Youth Cup ("WYC", formerly the World Youth Scrabble Championship) will be held 29.11-1.12 in Malaysia. See for details.


A player is eligible to represent Singapore at the WYC 2019 if he or she:

  1. is an SA member, and a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, from the end of the qualifying period (QP) to the end of the WYC;
  2. was born on 1st January 2002 or later;
  3. has played a minimum of 8 SA-rated games during the QP;
  4. has played a minimum of 14 SA-rated games by the end of the QP; and
  5. has registered to SA during the QP their intention to represent Singapore at the WYC 2019.

Qualifying Period

The QP is from 1 June 2019 to 30 September 2019.

Treatment of Byes

Byes will not be used in the calculation of ratings.

Byes awarded to a player during the QP will count towards the 8- and 14-game minimum requirements; byes conceded by a player will not count towards this.

Byes awarded prior to the QP will not count towards the 14-game minimum requirement.

Selection Criteria

All eligible registered players will be selected.

The WYC entry fee will be waived for the top 10 eligible registered players by SA ratings as at the end of QP.

Queries and registrations are to be directed to The SA committee will be final arbiter in the case of any dispute or interpretation of these criteria. The SA committee reserves the right to modify these criteria.

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