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WESPA Championship - Qualifiers

With the conclusion of the 2015 Nationals, the (extended) WSC/WESPAC qualifying period also ends and the players who meet the qualification criteria, and have sufficient qualification games are:

2014 National Champion: Marlon Prudencio
2015 National Champion: Toh Weibin (1)

By ratings:
Hubert Wee
Cheah Siu Hean
Yong Jian Rong (2)
Tony Sim

(1) attendance contingent on leave availability
(2) Jian Rong has confirmed that he is unable to attend due to school commitments, and first reserve Andy Kurnia will therefore take his place.

Should it happen that any of the above is also unable to attend, second reserve player is Gabriel Cheang and third reserve is Jeremy Khoo.

Marlon Prudencio
(SNSC 2014)

Toh Weibin
(SNSC 2015)

Hubert Wee Ming Hui

Cheah Siu Hean

Yong Jian Rong

Tony Sim

Andy Kurnia
(1st reserve)

Gabriel Cheang
(2nd reserve)

Jeremy Khoo
(3rd reserve)

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Qualification for 2015 World Scrabble Championship
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