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Scrabble Association Tournament Rules and Regulations 2020

With effect from 1 Jan 2020, WESPA applies Rules v4. WESPA Rules v4 can be found on WESPA site ( ). WESPA has also summarized the changes on WESPA site ( ).

SA-rated tournaments from 1 Jan 2020 may opt to use WESPA Rules v4 with the same adaptations as previously used on WESPA Rules v3.

It is expected that the SA committee will decide to formally adopt WESPA Rules v4 in the 2020 AGM or earlier.

Scrabble Association Tournament Rules and Regulations 2016

Following up from the 2016 AGM, the SA committee has decided that the WESPA tournament rules version 3 (or "WESPA Rules v3" in short) will be adopted as the standard for SA-rated tournaments from 1 May 2016. WESPA Rules v3 can be found on WESPA site ( )

Specific adaptations for use in SA-rated tournaments are listed in the addenda in Appendix A. This section is also recommended for international players who play in SA-rated tournament, or SA members who are already familiar with WESPA Rules v3.

To ease the transition, a summary of key changes from the previous SA rules to WESPA Rules v3 can be found in Appendix B (the previous SA rules in effect until 30 April 2016 are available for reference). However, it is still recommended that anyone playing in SA-rated tournaments read the WESPA Rules v3 in the entirety where possible before playing with the rules for the first time.

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