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Scrabble Association Tournament Rules and Regulations 2016

Following up from the 2016 AGM, the SA committee has decided that the WESPA tournament rules version 3 (or "WESPA Rules v3" in short) will be adopted as the standard for SA-rated tournaments from 1 May 2016. WESPA Rules v3 can be found on WESPA site ( )

Specific adaptations for use in SA-rated tournaments are listed in the addenda in Appendix A. This section is also recommended for international players who play in SA-rated tournament, or SA members who are already familiar with WESPA Rules v3.

To ease the transition, a summary of key changes from the previous SA rules to WESPA Rules v3 can be found in Appendix B (the previous SA rules in effect until 30 April 2016 are available for reference). However, it is still recommended that anyone playing in SA-rated tournaments read the WESPA Rules v3 in the entirety where possible before playing with the rules for the first time.

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