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WESPA Championships (WESPAC) 2019 Qualification Criteria - Differences

Summary of key changes:

  1. Peak rating can now be earned as long as an eligible game (SA-rated or admissible overseas games) is played in a sub-period, as opposed to previous where a minimum of 16 games per sub-period is needed

  2. Priority is now given to players who played the most sub-periods with 16 or more eligible games, regardless of peak rating

  3. Overseas peak rating formula calculation is applicable when they play 0 games locally; i.e. if any SA-rated games played, peak will be calculated based on SA-rated games (even if fewer than 16 SA-rated games). There is no longer requirement for 12 minimum overseas games.

  4. SA membership must be valid throughout the period and must be renewed before it expires. Players who may be interested and whose expiry is coming up in the first month of the qualification period in particular should take note.

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