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The Association awards titles on the basis of ratings in SA-rated tournaments. This recognizes consistent excellence in tournament play over a period of time as opposed to doing well in tournaments once in a while.

At present each title is awarded if a certain ratings threshold is attained or exceeded three times in a player's tournament career. The ratings used are the post-tournament ratings after each SA-rated tournament in which the player has taken part. The titles and threshold ratings are:

Grandmaster GM 1900
National Master NM 1800
Senior Master SM 1700
Master M 1600

Thus a player who has three times finished a tournament with a rating of 1800 or more will be awarded the title of National Master.

Titles are indicated in the tournament archives using the abbreviations indicated above. The number of asterisks indicate how many times the player has finished above the next threshold rating and therefore how close he is to promotion.

Players may have titles whether or not they are SA members but as a rule, SA will only list the titles for members.

Modifications to the system may be recommended by the ratings officer and ratified by the SA Committee.

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