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11th Singapore Open Scrabble Championship Cutoffs

This list shows which divisions (A, B, C) players are eligible for.

Players whose names are not on the list are only eligible to play in Division C.

However, players who have played overseas but have never played in Singapore are advised to email ratings at as they may be required to play in a different category.

Based on ratings as at 13 Apr 2008

A Ganesh - A only
Aaron Chuah - B only
Abdul Rahman Fathli - A or B
Abdul Rahman Mustaja - B only
Abu Bakar Shabudin - A or B
Adele Tan - A or B
Adeline Kang Siew - A or B
Ador Ruiz - A only
Adrian Tang - A only
AK Mahajan - B only
Alan Chua - A or B
Alastair Richards - A only
Albert Hahn - A only
Albert Yamson - B only
Aldrin Thomas John - A or B
Alex How Yee Hion - B only
Alex Pang - B only
Alex Tan - A only
Alice Ling Ai Li - B only
Allan Teng Kok Tong - B only
Aloysious Conzaga - A or B
Alvin Lye - B only
Alvin Seo Jia Han - A or B
Ambrose Miranda - B only
Aminah Yunos - B only
Aminuddin Eunos - B only
Amnuay Ploysangngam - A only
Andrew Thio Hock Kee - B only
Andy Kurnia - A only
Ang Chew Chuah - A or B
Ang Jin Yang - B only
Anthony Chua - A only
Arul Inthirarajah - A or B
Arun Puri - B only
Asaad Fazah - B only
Ashley Ng - A or B
Aung Wei Li Denise - B only
Austin Tan - A only
Avtar Harrid - B only
Ayob Samad - A only
Azman Hamzah - A only
Azmil Aziz - A only
Benjamin Chow - A only
Benjamin Kek - A or B
Billy Foo Siak Tong - B only
Blias Tan De-Gen - A only
Brendan Yong - A or B
Catherine Tong - A or B
Chan Hui Ling - A or B
Chan Kam Yin - A or B
Chan Kheng Sze - B only
Chan Kuen Kei - B only
Charles Retnam - B only
Chay Wen Liang - B only
Cheah Siu Hean - A only
Chen Huang Zhi - B only
Chen Yanheng - B only
Chen Zhang Fei Perry - B only
Cheng Boon Khee - B only
Cheng Zehan - B only
Chew Han Ei - A only
Chew Hui Min - A only
Chew Kin Leon - B only
Chia Guo Cong - A only
Chim Wai Main - A only
Chin Sze Min - B only
Chin Tze Joey - B only
Chin Wee Peng - B only
Chng Teck Huat - B only
Chock Chin Lock - A or B
Chong Lah Theng - B only
Chow Jie Rui - B only
Chua Chang Rong - B only
Chua Geok Kian - B only
Chua Jun Jie - B only
Chua Meng Choon - B only
Chua Wei Chieh - B only
Chua Zhong Jie - B only
Cindy Lim - B only
Clare Wall - A or B
Collin Ho - B only
Cornelio Baldonado - A only
Cynthia Lim - A or B
Cynthia Lin Zhao En - B only
Damian Chan Chee Wen - B only
Danny Goh - B only
Darryl Francis - A only
Dave Yuen - B only
David Ng - A or B
Desmond Chan - A or B
Dev Datt - B only
Dewin Goh Zhong Zhe - A only
Dinna Lim - B only
Djohan Abdul Rahman - B only
Dylan Sharma - A only
Eddie Chung - A only
Eddie Quek Joo Hin - B only
Eduardo Menez - B only
Edvard Chan - B only
Elizabeth Wok - A only
Emmanuel Villaceran - B only
Emy Yap - A only
Eng Kai Seng - A only
Eugene Ng Yeow Keng - B only
Eugene Goh - A only
Evelyn Tan Leng Imm - B only
Fang Han - B only
Fauroni Sukhaimi - B only
Femi Awowade - A only
Florence Edmund - B only
Fong Choon Peng - B only
Gan Yi En - A only
Gan Cher Siong - A only
Goh Jiang Pern - A only
Goh Soo Hang - A or B
Gwee Hung Chiew - A or B
H Gustaman - A or B
Hassan Awi - B only
Hazlee Suip - B only
Heng Cheng Hwee - B only
Herry Gunadi Sudibya - B only
Ho Jun Feng Jack - B only
Ho Sock Joo - A or B
Hoang Duc - A or B
Hozariah Markso - B only
Hubert Wee Ming Hui - A only
Ian Chew - A or B
Irene Lim - B only
Irwan Johri - A or B
Ismail Kassim - A or B
Iszam Nasri - B only
J Jegatheva - A only
Jamaluddin Abdullah - B only
Jamie Lim - B only
Jamil Othman - B only
Jarungsak Fuangfoosi - B only
Jasmi Zainal - A only
Jasmine Chua PeiZhen - B only
Jeeva Kumar - B only
Jeremy Chew - A or B
Jerry Jang - B only
Jessie Lim Poey Lan - A only
Joanna Chaw - B only
JoBeth Pan - A only
Jocelyn Lor - A only
Jodi Gonzalez - A only
Joe Muhd - A only
Johar Ibrahim - B only
John Lam - A only
John Tan - A only
John Yip - B only
Joseph Khoo - B only
Joseph Murray Gan Zp - A only
Joshua Sng Weirong - A only
Joshua Wee Loke Wei - B only
Judith Lam - B only
Justin Long - B only
K Dorai Raja - A only
Kamsani Mohd Noor - B only
Kao Zi Jian - A or B
Karen Richards - A only
Karthik Natarajan - A only
Kat Poh Choo - A only
Kenneth Lim Seng Bok - A or B
Kenneth Poon - B only
Kenrick Ng - A only
Kevin Lim Chen Wei - B only
Kevin Lim Tze Peng - B only
Kevin Seah Kian - B only
Khairul Azri Amran - B only
Khoo Kar Tiong - B only
Khor Lay Li - A or B
Koh Chin Seng - B only
Koh Chon Kiat - A only
Koh Chun Wee - B only
Kong Chock Heng - A only
Kong Tick Khuan - B only
Kuah Hong Sim - B only
Kwan Mun Wai - A only
Lak Vee Ye - A or B
Lalonde Christopher - B only
Lam Piang - A only
Laura Chew - B only
Lawrence Kwek One - A or B
Lawrence Low - B only
Lawrence Sunderaj - B only
Le Beier - B only
Lee Chee Meng - B only
Lee Guan Hui - A only
Lee Hon Joo - B only
Lee Kin Aaron - B only
Lee Sze Yong - A or B
Lee Thiam Yong - A or B
Lee Wei Bin - B only
Lee Yew Leong - A or B
Lek Wai Mun - B only
Leon Rethual - A or B
Leong Chong Min Melv - B only
Leung Kin Po Keith - B only
Lewis Lee - B only
Lie Lek Chee - B only
Liew Kian Boon - A only
Lily Guan Yan Li - B only
Lim Li Wei - A only
Lim Aye Hiang - A or B
Lim Cho Seng - B only
Lim Hui Ping - B only
Lim Hwee Choo - A only
Lim Jiani - B only
Lim Khia Kiam - A or B
Lim Kim Chin - B only
Lim Ming Chih - B only
Lim Pei Ling - B only
Lim Sha Lyn - A or B
Lim Shi Min - B only
Lim Sun Kiat - A only
Lin Jun Yin - B only
Lin Zhixun - B only
Loh Chee Kin - B only
Loh Chin Siew - A or B
Loh Siew Chin - B only
Loo Yew Chung - B only
Low Bee Tiang - B only
Low Kwek Leong - B only
Low Ying Min - B only
Low Ying Ping - B only
Lum Chee Yong - B only
Lyonnel Lee - B only
M Ganapathy - B only
M Rajandaran - B only
M Thilagaraja - B only
Mahani Mohd Idris - B only
Makhruji Tabri - A or B
Mani Kumar Sunwar - B only
Mani Rai - B only
Maon Rafen - A or B
Marcus David Goh - A only
Marlon Prudencio - A only
Mary Morgan - B only
Md Yusri Md Yusup - B only
Meenakshi Annamalai - B only
Melvin Lim - B only
Michael Ang - B only
Michael Tang - A only
Michael Wong - A or B
Mohamad Noor Hisham - B only
Mohan Chunkath - A only
Mohd Ali Bajuri - B only
Mohd Ali Ismail - A only
Mohd Idrus - A only
Mohd Ismail Yahaya - A or B
Mohd Jufri - B only
Mohd Khalid - B only
Mohd Rusdi - B only
Mohd Said Sikander - B only
Mohd Saleh Yusof - B only
Mohd Taufik - B only
Muhd Hakim - B only
Mustaqim Rohmat - B only
Nathanael E Kumar - A or B
Naween Fernando - A only
Ng Li Yuan - A or B
Ng Mingwei - A or B
Ng Tion Guan - A or B
Nigel Richards - A only
Noel Joseph - A only
Noor Mohamed - B only
Odette Rio - A only
Ong Kang Ng - A only
Ong Qunxiang - B only
Ong Suanne - A only
ParagK Pattani - B only
Paul Ananth Tambyah - B only
Peggy Ng Bee Len - B only
Peter Yu - A only
Peter Tay Yap Tong - A or B
Phartiban Ramaiya - A or B
Philip Kiew - A or B
Philip Tan - A only
Philips Laulia - B only
Phong Yizhe Lester - A or B
Phoon Kin Kei - B only
Poh Hock Seng - A or B
Prakash Menon - B only
Priyanka Rajendram - B only
Pui Cheng Wui - A only
Pwee Keng Ho - B only
Quek Khoon Heng - B only
Quek Sim Ho - A only
R Balachandran - A or B
R Krishnan - A or B
Rachael Juliana Quah - B only
Raja Fuadin - A only
Redzuan Rahmat - B only
RedzuanZ Abidin - A or B
Rhodie Dacanay Jr - B only
Richard Lian - B only
Ricky Purnomo - A only
Robyn Yzelman - B only
Romeo Gabato - B only
Rosali Said - A or B
Ruby Sim - B only
Sabrina Peter - B only
Salim Bahmad - B only
Sam Kantimathi - A only
Samad Ahmad - B only
Samri Nawer - A or B
Sandy Tsen - A or B
Sanjoy Gupta - A only
Sanmi Odelana - A only
Sarah Law - A only
Seah Hong Long - B only
Sean Jalleh - A only
Sebastian Lim Kim - B only
Seema Gupta - B only
Selamat Jani - B only
Serene Ngu - A or B
Shahrul Kamal - A or B
Sharifah Hanissya - A or B
Sharon Loh Mei Ling - B only
Shermayne Ng - B only
Shim Yen Nee - A only
Sim Pin Yi - B only
Simon Harinv - A only
Siti Suriani - B only
Siva Rajendram - A or B
Sne Hath - A or B
Sng Tze Cheow - B only
Soh Kum Yin - B only
Sonja Lim Ern Ling - B only
Soon Mah Kok - B only
Sreekumar Dehannath - A or B
Suhaimi Khalil - A only
Sulaiman Selamat - B only
Sundaram Pillai - A or B
Tan Boon Hock - A or B
Tan Choon Eng - B only
Tan Jin Chor - A only
Tan Khee Chiang - A only
Tan Kiat Ann - B only
Tan Mei Shan - B only
Tan Ming Tiong - A only
Tan Mun Ri - B only
Tan Peng Ting - B only
Tan Swee Lin Colin - B only
Tan Tiam Chai - A only
Tan Tien Siang - A or B
Tan Xueqi - B only
Tan Yao Zhong - B only
Tan Yin Yin - B only
Tang Boon Swa - B only
Tay Hwee Eng - B only
Tay Hwee Mei - B only
Tengku Asri - A only
Teo Jo Yee - B only
Teo Cheng Wee - B only
Teo Gek Huang - A or B
Teo Guan Yeow - A or B
Teo Keng Leng - B only
Teo Siang Loong - A or B
Terry Kirk - A only
Theng Wai Mun - B only
Thomas Hoe - B only
Thon Sian Fei - A or B
Thong Liew Kee - A only
Tiong Poh Shien - A only
Toh Kok Onn - A or B
Toh Weibin - A only
Tok Wei Min - A only
Tommy Yuen - B only
Tony Sim - A only
Valliammah Thamb - A or B
Vannitha Bala - A only
Victor Chua - A only
Victor Gwee - A or B
Vincent Tan - A only
Vincent Tay - B only
Wang Zikai - B only
Wilfred Lau - B only
William Lee - A or B
Winston Gwee - A or B
Wong Jane Yee - A or B
Wong Kar Mun - A only
Wong Soon Lee - A or B
Wong Teng Hin - B only
Wong Wai Weng - B only
Wong Wee Boon - B only
Wu Mei Shan - B only
Xu Meng Xiong - B only
Yang Xin Yi - B only
Yap Ting Jian - B only
Yeap Gim Sai - A only
Yeo Khirn Hup - B only
Yeo Kian Hung Henry - A only
Yip Tat Weng - A or B
Yu Ban Chuan - A or B
Yvonne Sie Lau Eng - A or B
Zainudin Asmure - B only
Zhang Jia Wei - B only

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